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Multi Volt DC To DC Buck Booster Battery Charger With Solar Input

$399.00 inc. GST


About this product

Multi Volt DC To DC Buck Booster Battery Charger With Solar Input
30A 12/24V DC to 12V DC Buck Booster Battery Charger with Solar Input joins the ranks of our already highly capable pint sized overachievers. The DIBC1224-1230 adds solar input to the mix making it a single source alternative for DC to DC in vehicle charging.

Features Include:
• 30A output capability
• Unique solar charging mode to suit long-term vehicle storage
• 30A from a 374cm3 package
(32.3mm(H) x 71.5mm(W) x 162mm(L)) giving it the smallest footprint in its class.
• All solid state construction. No moving parts on top of our polymer encapsulation to protect against vibration, water, and dust.
• Dual-mode solar controller optimizes the PWM function for dusk and dawn situations. Then automatically changes to MPPT mode to maximise output in peak solar periods
• Compatible with smart alternators.
• Solar input reverse polarity protection
• Supplied with a connector for easy connection to our DBM-12 external monitoring range.

Lowest Operating Voltage – 11.5V
Maximum Operating Voltage – 32V
Maximum Current at Bulk Charge – 30A
Charge Voltage for Type A – 14.4V
Charge Voltage for Type B – 14.6V
Charge Voltage for Type C – 14.8V
Solar Panel Power – 30W-300W
Stand By Current –  30mA
Maximum Operating Temperature – 70°C
Dimensions mm (HxWxL) – 32.3mm x 71.5mm x 162mm
Weight – 560g


Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 10 × 25 × 10 cm