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Runva Winch

Runva Winch

The Runva winch was first launched in 1997. The winch brand has been a trusted one since 1997. It offers winches and parts of high quality. The winch brand is used by many, and this is because the Runva winches and parts follow a very strict quality-related control guideline. The quality control guidelines for Runva winches are established to cater to anyone who desires to travel off-road on their 4x4 drive. In this case, the winch is an integral component if you get stuck and need to get pulled out. In the case of offroad driving, the Runva winch is the best solution a driver should give themselves.
Runva 11XP

The Runva 11xp winch is equipped with a Dyneema rope. A brand-new motor with IP67 protection and an internal braking system. The Runva 11xp winch line can pull 11,000 pounds, according to its specifications (4990kg).
Apart from this.

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it has other specifications that include:

1.The winch is equipped with a series wound (12V), 4.9kw/6.5hp ip67 motor and a three-stage steel gear train.
2.The winch's gear ratio is 228:1.
3.There is an automated load-holding rachet in the gearbox.
4.Dyneema is 11mm wide and 26.5m in length.
5.The drum has a width of 63mm and a length of 223m.
6.The bolt pattern for mounting is 254mm x 114.3mm.
7.The entire dimensions are 574 x 160 x 200 millimetres.
8.It includes a hand-held remote control. The wireless remote includes battery cables. 2 1.8-meter-long heavy-duty cables.

An unlimited warranty accompanies the winch. This model features a brand-new powertrain and brake system integration. The motor has been evaluated and certified as IP67 compliant. That is the optimal option for most 4x4 applications. This winch is compatible with the majority of Australia's winch-specific bars.

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