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Read through our FAQs as a guide to 4WD accessories. We answer a range of questions about 4WD parts and accessories so that you can choose the best for your off-roading vehicle. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!

Off-roading Tips

OFF-ROADING TIPSAfter you’ve accessorised your 4WD, it’s up to you to take care of the vehicle and your investment. Firstly, find a suitable 4wd parts online store that is reliable and affordable. Once you know you have fitted the vehicle with quality 4×4 parts and...

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Why Buy Hilux Parts and Accessories from 4x4OFFROADCLINIC

WHY BUY YOUR HILUX PARTS AND ACCESSORIES FROM 4x4OFFROADCLINICBefore you choose a business to buy your parts or off-road Hilux parts and accessories from, it is important to understand why that business is the better choice. When you buy from us, you will always...

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Why You Need a Tyre Repair Kit

WHY YOU NEED A TYRE REPAIR KITIf you are an off-road enthusiast, you probably already have a tyre repair kit. If you are a beginner looking to explore dirt roads and two-tracks or heading out into the uncharted bush, then a tyre or wheel repair kit should be at the...

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What is the Importance of Engine Mounts

WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF ENGINE MOUNTS?The Importance of Engine Mounts for Off-roading In any driving situation, your vehicle's engine mount plays an important role. However, it is particularly crucial for off-roading. Making sure yours is secure and durable can mean...

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What Makes Wheel Arch Flares So Important

WHAT MAKES WHEEL ARCH FLARES SO IMPORTANT?There are benefits to installing wheel arch flares on just about any vehicle. Flares provide a unique aesthetic touch-up to your vehicle and help protect the paint job from flying road debris, among other perks. If you are...

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Why Purchase 4WD Off-road Accessories From Us

WHY PURCHASE 4WD OFF-ROAD ACCESSORIES FROM US?We are importers and manufacturers of innovative, unique and market-leading Four Wheel Drive products. Over the years, we’ve developed into the home of Australian four-wheel-drive parts and accessories. Whether you’re...

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Basics of Off-road 4X4 Accessories

BASICS OF OFF-ROAD 4X4 ACCESSORIESAccessorising your 4WD with off-road 4x4 accessories allows you to enjoy your trips a little more. Taking the plunge and going on an off-road trip is an exciting prospect. However, there are unpredictable elements that you should...

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