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Evans waterless coolant is a high performance fluid enabling transfer of heat from engines whilst remaining a fluid until up to 190 degrees. At these temperatures water will simply turn to steam.

Cylinder liners and cylinder head tend to be the hottest surfaces within an engine as they are next to the combustion chamber. Due to the heat of these surfaces water will vaporise, preventing adequate cooling. This in turn causes loss of performance and the possibility of engine damage. The steam can also pressurise the cooling system putting additional stress on the engine components.

Evans waterless coolants remain liquid around the areas of the engine which reach high temperatures maintaining effective cooling and reduced steam. Evans waterless coolants prevent corrosion and maintain the engine parts so your engine will preform better for longer.

4x4 Offroad Clinic provide a selection of coolants suitable for your engine. Speak to our specialists about the right coolant for your engine.