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Redline Oils Australia

Redline has been creating oils for high performance vehicles since 1979. Originally the oils were tailored for racing however today the range extends to motor oils, gear oils, assembly lubes, fuel additives and cooling additive.

Redline continue to use cutting edge technology to ensure their oils are top of the range and suitable for automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial vehicles.

4x4 Offroad Clinic offers a range of Redline oils and products suitable for a variety of vehicles. Using high quality oils reduces corrosion and extends the lifetime of your engine. Our specialists will be able to recommend the correct oil for your needs.

About 4x4 Offroad Clinic

4x4 Offroad Clinic provides services such as body maintenance, tire repair, rust removal, and more. Monthly perks and exclusive offers from the team. Offroad Clinic is one of the most affordable places a person can go to fix their vehicle. It caters not just to people that love 4x4s but any off-road vehicle. Customers are provided full service, repairs, and parts at a fraction of the price most shops charge.


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Redline Oils in Australia

Redline Oils is a well-known brand in Australia's 4x4 industry. This Australian company stocks the full range of oil and oil-related products. The service provides advice and support regarding 4x4 repairs and maintenance. Redline Oils also offers their customers a product guarantee on all their products. 4x4 Offroad Clinic provides a range of Redline oils and lubricant products, including. Redline persists in applying the leading compositional technique to their products. They are also known for their close association with leading engine manufacturers, including Ford, Land Rover, and Nissan.

Our Parts and Accessories

4x4 Clinic stocks a wide range of quality accessories from some of the leading brands in Australia. They also provide their customers with engine workshops and mechanical workshops. 4x4 Offroad Clinic offers its customers a flat rate for parts and repairs. This means you pay the same price regardless of how much time or effort goes into fixing your vehicle. The expert technicians at 4x4 Offroad Clinic can even source parts for your car if unavailable locally.

4x4 Repair and Maintenance

The 4x4 Offroad clinic teams are experts in Autotrader and commercial repairs. They can fix all problems, such as engine work, complete car engine rebuilds, and alignment. Also, they can help you with any mechanical issues, such as alternator repairs, starter repairs, diesel repairs, and more. They are the team to call if you need to purchase new parts steering box. They have a great range of prices on their parts.

If you are currently experiencing a 4x4 problem, please get in touch with the 4x4 Offroad Clinic. If you need any advice or help, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a fast service, and we can fix any problem related to your vehicle.

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