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Designed & Tested by Red winch to simplify the wiring on your winch these contactors boast MEGA size internals unequalled in any other Albright contactor.

red winch units are water and shock proof. (Please note - the voltage of the contacter denotes the voltage that must be used in the switching circuit only)

In a small, water resistant package, the Albright solenoid can be located near the winch, or in the engine bay for ultimate reliability. (some further waterproofing may be required)

One Albright contactor is needed to replace the solenoid pack on standard single motor electric winches.

The features of the exclusive Red winch Albright Super Duty Solenoid are:

 Lower casing made from less rigid material making the unit more resistant to knocks and bangs

  • Built in mounting brackets for secure fitment
  • Heavier duty internal contacts
  • Spade Terminals for switching circuitry spaced further apart for ease of fitting/maintenance
  • 1 yr component failure warranty (12v operation only)
  • red winch branded branded label