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Rubber Dust Boots

$12.95 inc. GST

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Made from high quality Chloroprene Rubber (CR). CR material is treated for high ozone and weather resistance, low flammability, high oil, fuel, and chemical tolerance. Offering greater resistance against contaminants and increased longevity. Dust Boots are an integral part of the ball joint or tie rod. As soon as a boot is torn or damaged the likelihood of contaminants entering into the operating mechanism of the joint is extremely high. As soon as dirt and grit enter the component excessive wear will follow. Avoid a costly repair bill. Keep an eye on your dust boots and if damaged replace them immediately. RUBBER DUST BOOTS

Boot Kit To Suit 4WD Tie Rod Ends KT Boot (Pair) – TE135 / 3664 / 8520 / 8570 (Standard Only – Not HD). Top Hole: 15.65mm / Bott Hole 34.45mm / Height: 24.95

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm