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Leaf Spring Wedge 4MM To 12MM

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A range of Roadsafe Leaf Spring ‘Caster’ Wedges have been developed to suit for universal application. Used on vehicles with front and rear leaf springs. Leaf Spring Wedges aid in correcting the caster angle and work to eliminate driveshaft vibration issues. Leaf Spring Wedges are manufactured at 63mm wide with a center hole to allow for proper positioning in the spring pack and diff. It is recommended to fit a 3deg wedge to the front when using extended shackles with wedges also fitted to the rear when required. When fitting in the front the ‘thickest’ part of the wedge always goes towards the front of the vehicle.

Universal Caster Wedge 4mm. 1 Degree.
Universal Caster Wedge 8mm. 2 Degree.
Universal Caster Wedge 10mm. 3 Degree.
Universal Caster Wedge 12mm. 4 Degree.

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Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6.3 × 10 cm