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BLACKHAWK Bump Stop Mounting Plates

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blackhawk bump stop s0524r gq gu

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About this product

rear mounting plates. Blackhawk identified that the current OE Aftermarket offerings fall short of delivering the complete bump stop solution, but no more! The re-engineered design increases energy absorption while offering less kinetic energy reducing the resultant rebound of the suspension when returning to full compression, which is a common issue of other designs. Some of the design features include: Contact face has been engineered to offer a progressive entry to the damping force for improved comfort. Premium quality natural rubber construction. Side furrows have been remodelled for a progressive nature. Internal design remodelled to minimise rebound and increase durability. Overall length increased to provide increased final height whilst not limiting progressive nature. The Bump Stops can be installed onto the following applications: OE Nissan Patrol GQ/GU FRONT (35mm extended @ 7kN). OE Nissan Patrol GQ/GU REAR (57mm extended @ 7kN). OE Toyota Landcruiser 80/105 REAR (33mm extended @ 7kN). Nissan Navara NP300 REAR (46mm extended @ 7kN). Universal Applications (113mm compressed height @ 7kN)

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 20 cm