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ABC Beads

ABC beads are the most economical balancing solution for your vehicle. Made from smooth ceramic balls, the beads are packed in a self opening bag and placed inside the tyre. They then use the force of the rotating wheel to disperse inside the tyre as the vehicle moves and adjust to the imbalance of the tyre. The beads have been designed for 4x4 vehicles as well as trucks and buses. They can be used to improve on and offroad driving. The ABC beads adjust themselves by force created by mud build up on tyres and rims. This ensures that the tyre is always balanced.

The beads will last the life of the tyre and are easily installed. 4x4 Offroad Clinic will be able to assist in ensuring you have the right beads for your vehicle. Our experts can also install and service your vehicle if you need. Contact us for more information on any of our products or to arrange installation. Get in touch via email [email protected]  or call: (03) 9702 4820

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