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Off-Road Accessories

Set Off on an Adventure with Off-Road Accessories

Installing off-road accessories in your four-wheel-drive is essential for your safety. Before you decide to take your vehicle to the open road and eventually off the road, you should consider visiting 4x4 Offroad Clinic. 

Benefits of Off-Road 4x4 Accessories

Accessorising your 4WD allows you to enjoy your trips a little more. Including features such as off-road bumpers, make the adventure fun while ensuring the safety of you and your passengers. You should consider the following additions to your 4x4:
  • Taking the plunge and going on an off-road trip is an exciting prospect. However, there are unpredictable elements that you should anticipate. One of those accessories to assist you is the bull bar. The primary role of the bull bar is to shield you from striking any object or animal that may appear unexpectedly. Investing in stainless steel bull bars are usually the answer as they are durable and offer added protection. They do not deteriorate and in most cases have a rated towing point. This simply means that it's been tested by a third party to pull a certain amount of weight. 
  • Travelling with mates or family translates to more luggage. You need a place to store those extra bags, and a roof rack is the perfect solution. There are various types of roof racks available, and all provide the same service. An aluminium rack is lightweight yet durable and a preferred choice among off-roaders. 
  • To avoid your vehicle getting stuck in the mud, recovery equipment is required. There are a few options such as recovery tracks, a winch or a high-lift jack. Recovery tracks are straightforward and simple to use, while the other two options require more understanding and safety measures. 

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Custom Off-Road Accessories

Off-roading has been gaining momentum in recent times. More people are attracted to the adventure and thrill of the sport. However, it's easy to make mistakes when accessorising your vehicle for off-roading. 
  • Consider how you want your four-wheel-drive to perform and make decisions regarding accessories with that information. A common mistake people make is adding features to a vehicle that they will never use. Do not be tempted into modifying a vehicle that's perfectly capable of handling the terrain as it stands. 
  • Failing to adhere to the law is a huge problem and could land you in hot water. Your 4WD must conform to the rules of the road and carry a roadworthy certificate. If the vehicle's tyres are larger than 50mm or if the height of the 4x4 has gone up as a result of tyres, suspension or body lifts, you must carry an engineering certificate. 
  • Another mistake is when you add accessories for looks rather than practicality. A typical example is raising the height of the vehicle with massive tyres. While it may up the look of your vehicle, the higher sense of gravity leads to poor handling. Think twice before you outlay the cash for your off-road upgrades.

About 4x4 Offroad Clinic

We've been manufacturing and importing modern accessories for four-wheel-drives. You can shop our online store which provides details on the products and are shipped anywhere in the world. Our goal is to provide you with unique accessories at an affordable price. 

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