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Engine Mounts

Find Engine Mounts, Clutch Kits and Other 4x4 Accessories at Our Store

Whether you are shopping for engine mounts, clutch fans, oil coolers, air compressor tanks or any other 4x4 accessories for your next offroad adventure, 4x4 offroad clinic has what you need. Our vast selection of different parts, brands and supported vehicle models makes us the ultimate spot to shop for new 4WD gear.

The Importance of Engine Mounts for Off-roading

In any driving situation, your vehicle’s engine mount plays an important role. However, it is particularly crucial for offroading. Making sure yours is secure and durable can mean the difference between a fun day out in the bush and a vehicle breakdown. Here’s why checking the engine mount regularly is a necessity:
  • Engine mounts secure your engine. Engine mounts (or ‘motor mounts,’ as they are also sometimes known) play the important role of securing your vehicle’s engine and transmission to the chassis. They also play a shock absorption role, essentially absorbing all the vibrations from the engine so that you aren’t able to feel it moving when you start up your vehicle.
  • Engine mounts can take much abuse during off roading. An engine mount is like any other vehicle part in that it can (and will) deteriorate over time. It’s also one of the parts of the vehicle that takes the most abuse during offroading. As you travel over uneven ground and whip your vehicle around in one twist-turn motion after another, the engine mount is going to feel that force, which could cause the engine to come loose.
  • You will feel it if the engine mount fails. If an engine mount fails, you will hear and feel the effects in the cabin. The engine, no longer affixed to the frame of the vehicle, will not only cause excessive vibration of the car but will also move around considerably in the engine bay, which can cause significant damage to other components and lead to costly repairs.

Other Products We Offer Related to Engine Mounts

If you are in the market for a new, offroad-ready engine mount, we can help. As mentioned previously, we also stock an array of other 4x4 accessories. Here are just a few of the products you can buy from us:
  • Clutch kits. For manual transmission vehicles, a good clutch is essential to provide the type of control and performance you require out on the trails. A clutch kit includes all the components you need to repair a damaged clutch.
  • Cooling systems. Keep your vehicle from overheating out in the wilderness with a clutch fan (which plays the vital role of cooling the engine) or an oil cooler (crucial for removing excess heat from the oil).
  • Air compressor tanks. Never go off-roading without an air compressor, which can help you inflate tyres, reseat tyres that come off the wheel rim or operate key tools (from powered screwdrivers to racket wrenches) that may be necessary for on-the-fly maintenance.
  • Diesel power modules. A diesel power module is one of the best aftermarket improvements you can make to a vehicle you plan to use for off-roading. It delivers more power and torque, improving control and drivability in rugged conditions.
We have much more beyond these products as well, ranging from LED lighting bars to winches and other systems for towing or recovery.

About 4x4 offroad clinic

At 4x4 offroad clinic, we stock a near-comprehensive array of 4x4 equipment. We also operate a workshop where we help drivers with installations, fabrications, repairs, and maintenance for their offroad vehicles. Whether you are looking for new engine mounts or simply wondering what you can do to improve your vehicle performance, contact us today.