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4x4 Accessories

Enhance Your Vehicle with 4x4 Accessories

Adding 4x4 accessories to your vehicle increases its appeal and in some cases, the value. The problem most 4x4 drivers have is finding a reputable source for 4x4 gear. You will find a wide range of parts and accessories at 4x4 Offroad Clinic. We simplify the process of acquiring the appropriate gear for your treasured vehicle. Prepare the vehicle for complicated terrain or make smart additions to your interior. 

Benefits of 4x4 Performance Parts

4x4 owners acquire their vehicles with off-roading in mind, heading into the outback with a few mates and nothing but the open space in front of you. You're bound to be confronted by elements that your vehicle must overcome to enjoy your trip. Installing accessories such as 4x4 tyres assist in enhancing the potential of your 4WD. Not to say that you can't go without these modifications, however, adding them will make the trip fun and simple. These are some of the 4x4 auto parts that you can install to benefit you on the road. 
  • The front of the vehicle usually houses the intercooler, radiator, air-conditioning condenser and transmission oil cooler. These are situated behind the standard plastic and could get damaged while off-roading. Installing a bull bar is essential to offer frontal protection for the fluid heat exchangers. It's proven to be a popular accessory and it is available in stainless steel and aluminium. While aluminium is lighter and more affordable, stainless steel is more durable and resistant to damage. 
  • A fair amount of challenges accompanies off-roading. Tackling the surroundings is imperative to enjoying the experience, but also surviving. As such, it's imperative to get your vehicle fitted with recovery accessories. Getting stuck while off the beaten path isn't a matter of if, but when. There's a high probability that you will encounter various soil types where it's challenging to get out off solely based on your vehicle's ability. Recovery tracks and winches have proven to be the preferred items for off-roaders. Winches are the heavy-duty option, but they require another object being nearby. Meanwhile, recovery tracks offer traction, which allows the vehicle to gain momentum to get out of a jam. 
  • There's always a demand for storage space when going on an adventure. Travelling with mates or the family requires more than the usual trunk of the vehicle. Hence, roof racks provide the ultimate solution for storage. There are several types of roof racks from which to select. These include rail gutters, full rails and many more, but they serve the same purpose. You can store extra luggage safely while maintaining the space inside the vehicle. Furthermore, storing other essential items such as a shovel or lighting brackets on the roof racks is a great idea. 

Tips for Getting More Value from 4x4 Accessories Suppliers

Enhancing your vehicle does require saving money. After you've accessorised your 4WD, it's up to you to take care of the vehicle and your investment. Firstly, find a suitable 4wd parts online store that is reliable and affordable. Once you know you have fitted the vehicle with quality 4x4 parts and accessories, you're ready for an adventure. Keep these tips in mind to preserve the life of the vehicle and your accessories. 
  • The terrain in the outback, in particular, is unpredictable and you need to be prepared for anything. Before you know it, you could find yourself stuck in the mud that's sucking in your vehicle. You must know your vehicle by reading its manual. There's no time to read in an emergency; therefore, you should familiarise yourself with various aspects of your vehicle before heading out. Find out where the tow and jacking points are before you embark on the trip. Furthermore, knowing your vehicle in terms of size will prevent you from slamming into rocks and ripping apart your sump or diving in with the nose of the vehicle at too steep of an angle. 
  • Always be prepared for the unexpected. Some standard tools aren't sufficient for off-roading. Tyre blowouts aren't uncommon on harsh terrain. To protect yourself and your vehicle, investing in a tyre air compressor will sort out your tyre issues and get you back on the road. Added to that, fitting your vehicle with a lift kit prepares you for the odd terrain. It grants you higher ground clearance to avoid the rocks and bumps on the road. 
  • Consider your driving habits and change them accordingly for off-road. We all allow bad habits to settle in when driving on-road, especially with clutch control. While on the harsh terrain it's advisable to keep your foot away from the clutch apart from when you're actually changing gears. Control the speed of the vehicle purely with the accelerator and brake. Riding the clutch could lead to severe damage and a possible accident. In terms of the gears, when you spot soft sand or mud, it's advisable to stop the vehicle, switch to the low gear and then proceed. Changing the gears early will give the vehicle enough power to surge through sticky patches. 

Why Trust 4x4 Offroad Clinic Regarding 4x4 Interior Accessories

We are importers and manufacturers of innovative, unique and market-leading Four Wheel Drive products. Over the years, we've developed into the home of Australian four-wheel-drive parts and accessories. Whether you're looking to bolster your recreational vehicle or install 4x4 straps for off-roading, we are the preferred 4x4 suppliers. We stock a wide range of products that will take care of your camping needs and recovery requirements. Some of the 4WDs we cater to are Nissan Patrol, Ford Maverick, Toyota Hilux and Toyota Landcruiser. Our aim is to provide you with quality products at affordable prices. 

We have an online store which is simple to navigate and make your purchases. Simply click on the items you're interested in and view the detailed description. Add it to your cart and request the final total. We'll deliver your package within 48 hours of ordering. Furthermore, we're based in Melbourne so you can expect delivery within seven days if you're within the state. We also deliver to any location overseas with the relevant charges. Apart from providing accessories and parts, we offer full workshop facilities and fabrication services. Some of the other services we provide are servicing, major and minor repairs, fleet maintenance, pre-trip checks, race preparation, and winch repairs to mention a few. 

If you have any questions regarding specific parts, fitment or pricing, please feel free to contact us.